At The Zone, our goal is to help others improve their quality of life through exercise and physical fitness. We are proud to commend the following members on their persistence and determination to lead a healthier, more active lifestyle.  It is our hope that these testimonials will inspire others to improve their quality of life!

Dominique Brown

The Zone Greenville

After a visit to her doctor, Dominique was faced with the tough reality of making lifestyle changes or living the rest of her life with numerous health issues. With hard work and determination, she has vastly improved her quality of life through exercise and dieting. As a result, she claims, "I feel healthier and am more active doing things I would not do before, such as walk around the mall with my friends." Dominique's advice to those who are considering exercise:

"You have to want it, because it's a complete lifestyle change and not a one day thing. It is important to realize results may not show up immediately."

Melinda Patterson

The Zone Greenville

Since beginning her membership in January, Melinda has lost an incredible 42 lbs. in a span of 8 weeks! Melinda's hard work has been due to the commitment to improve her quality of life. The deciding factor for her was the desire to feel good about herself, lose weight and to be healthy, stating, "Once you start coming here, you feel great about yourself!" She claims the hardest part of her experience has been finding the motivation to "get off the couch and get here."  Today, Melinda wants to help inspire others to make the same commitment she has, by sharing telling others about her new lease on life. Melinda's advice to others:

"Just get up and do it! It will be worth it in the end."