What is epoc?

EPOC is the amount of oxygen our body consumes following an exercise session that is above and beyond the pre-exercise oxygen consumption baseline. Our body uses more oxygen after exercise than before exercise, so we burn more calories during our recovery from exercise than we do before exercise.

When we are done exercising, our body has to return to its resting state. Energy is used in this recovery process, which is why we experience an increase in caloric expenditure after exercise compared to before exercise.

The greatest EPOC response is elicited by high-intensity and/or longer duration cardiorespiratory and resistance exercise. Essentially, the higher the intensity of exercise (and the further we get from our resting state), the greater the duration and magnitude of EPOC after exercise. While longer exercise sessions have been show to yield a greater EPOC response compared to shorter sessions, exercise intensity is likely the main contributor to EPOC!